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Crazy Jack
United States
Name: Crazy Jack

Relationship: Single

Species: Changeling

Likes: Anarchy, Goth, Emo, Black, Red, Blood, Money

Dislikes: Lying, Betrayel, Betraying, Stalkers, Assassins, Traitors, Harsh Jokes, April Fool's Day
If anyone that stills plays IMVU AND is VIP, let me know if you can make a mask like this. I just want this. :) Let me know if you're up to it, but like I said, you MUST be VIP to create clothing, etc.

*you see the Funeral take place outside of Ponyville, then you see Crazy Jack and MM there, both sad and depressed for their friend, that one changeling who wanted to change, himself for others, to be good, not demonic and evil, Dabura from the DBZ Universe, if he hadn't made a permanent contract with Xavier, Xavier could of lived peacefully and not stressed about being evil... then you walk up to them*

Crazy Jack: He was a good friend...

MM: Mhm...
*you see Xavier lay on he ground, with black energy going into the sky* The contract with Dabura is gone, but so is Xavier's life...*

*you hear sad music in the background*

*flashbacks happen*

1. His parents died...

2. He fought the ponies...

3. He befriended most...

4. He wanted to love...

5. He killed Shining Armor... what?!

*you then see some black energy make a video of some sort*

Shining: It's about time he died... *walks into his room and sees explosives and eyes widen* XAV- 

*he dies and explodes, this is the end of Xavier's Legacy, he was the most depressing and yet, maybe best Xavier there ever was...*
*His time is up, he reached 100 years old now... he's dying, a long time ago, he met Dabura, made a deal with him to serve him and accept his powers until he reached 100 years old, even though Dabura died, the invisible contract is still in place, but now, he's not sure if he can die now instantly, or a friend has to... slay him*

*you see Xavier in hi old home, still burned, in ashes, his home was destroyed, then you see a changeling, different, wearing bone armor, a cloak, with a purple dagger, a med-kit and some odd armor, after his close changeling hero friends died, he's honoring them by wielding onto them*

Xavier: *is bigger than a regular changeling, big as Bone Breaker* I'm... I'm... hehe, I'm 100... now what? I need to die... I'm done suffering, I'm done fighting... Jay... *tears up and looks at a photo* I'm sorry I failed as a father... mom... dad... *cries blood* I miss you... so much... I... I failed you... I'm so alone... why... *cries more* Why am I still alive?! Someone kill me! I'm done! Kill me i battle, anyone, anything! *sighs and feels his demonic powers grow* Someone...

(You have to be serious everyone, I will be leaving again... I just want you guys to be my friends, not treat me like an idiot or shit then befriend me... I truly am done with this shit... and to those 6 who I hate, you know EXACTLY who you are... I bet you guys are having a wonderful party now with me leaving, of course you would....)

(Anyways, don't ask why are you leaving okay? It's very personal and honestly, I can;t trust any of you, even my close friend w0nderbolts because when you tell him NOT to tell anyone else about something, he's a little gossiper as always, so nice and kind... I'm just a memory and like all memories, I'll be forgotten easily, like as if I was NEVER here...)
Yeah, it was cool that it was a special day, for me, but what made me sad-ish is that my friends didn't remember my birthday. (Not the DA friends, thanks for knowing it was my day. :) I'm talking about the real life friends.) So yeah, but at least my teachers knew my special day, it was fun, didn't do much, but other than that, it was great, but no one said Happy Birthday to my OC, because when I joined, he joined... I guess some of you didn't know which is alright because some people make an OC right away, or later...

*Xavier was alone in his house, with a cake with candles, waited all day, but everyone only "Happy Birthday" to the creator (me) and he felt alone, then got a little angry and pushes the cake into the trash can and lays on his bed, sad and closed his eyes*

Xavier: Happy Birthday... to... me... *a blood tear goes down his eye, then it becomes morning and his "special day" was over*

ALSO, special thanks to :iconrp-the-four-horsemen: Who gave me Premium Membership, I really don't know what to say, I don't even know what you can get with it. :I I'll try and NOT make it useless, I'll find some way to do this, I hope. :)

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