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Name: Xavier

Relationship: None... :iconblackheart:

Species: Changeling

Likes: Anarchy, Goth, Emo, Black, Red, Zombies, Friends, Best friends

Dislikes: Lying, Betrayel, Betraying, Stalkers, Assassins, Traitors, Trolls, Haters, Spammers, Attention Whores, Harsh Jokes, April Fool's Day
From the changeling story, Xavier's story on his life and how he became... well, him now, he went through a lot and also, deeply sorry about not posting more chapters, got a bit distracted. Anyways here are his best friends and changeling heroes in the war that made sure that changelings had even power again, because after the wedding, Shining Armor almost wiped them out, then a changeling warrior risen, Xavier and gathered the troops, united all the factions that separate and took back the lost land they, well... lost XP. He also meets other rare, special heroes like himself, with different abilities of their own. So yeah, let me know what you think. Also if you want your changeling OC in the story to where they met before, let me know and give me his/her story and we'll see if it works or not. There are other factions, just read please. (It's at the end)

John: A changeling priest, which are very rare, he was like a brother to Xavier, like Crazy Jack, but is more intelligent... and has more sanity than Crazy Jack could have. He met Xavier after Xavier saved his life, he then needed to be healed, then Xavier offered to hire, or at least offer him the job of being a priest, after he saw all the badly wounded, he said yes because to prevent death is to help heal or at least treat the wounded.

Bone Breaker: A rare brute-type changeling, he was strong, brave, somewhat intelligent, he was about 2 times bigger than any other changelings, he was about Queen Chrysalis's size, but more dangerous up close, that and he wore bones from his enemies and used it as armor, he was from the Savage Faction, which meant he wasn't only crafty... but also deadly. He lived in the deserts.

Dead Shot: He was the sniper, well, archer of the group, all he ever needed was a bow and some arrows, then he would and could kill anyone with 1 arrow, he always loved shooting a bow, it makes him feel different, others find it weird, but Xavier, found him special and gladly accepted him as the sniper type of the heroes. He was part of the Changeling Rangers Faction.

Commander Zark: He was a simple commander, he has been serving the Queen for about 5 years at the age of 20, he is already considered a veteran for serving his kind nonstop against the ponies. He was already with Xavier when Xavier joined, Zark saw Xavier as a symbol of not only war, but hope that the changeling kind will live because of his devotion to the cause. Zark was inspirational and inspired by Xavier's beliefs.

Killing Shadow: He wasn't much of a head to head war type of combat, he was more of the stealth type to combat, as in sneak around, kill the enemies 1 by 1 and not get caught and make your life much easier type, he was good at this and kept doing so, Xavier then united the Shadow Stalkers Faction and recruited him for his talents on stealth missions, the most mysterious thing about him is that he never said a single word to anyone, not his parents, brothers, sisters, friends, or best friends... he said 1 word though and that was it to Xavier when he recruited Killing Shadow, 1 word that changed from being a single working faction, to a united faction, he said... "Kill?" then Xavier smirked and said "Kill." Killing Shadow is the most mysterious and quite...

Luck - Luck was a rare healer, he was like John, but John was his mentor, he was the 2nd healer of the group, he was like a field medic pretty much, anyone down, he brings back up and into the fight. He wasn't much of a killer, but at least he had a role to play, an important one that is. Also the reason his name is Luck, is because he is Lucky, surprisingly, like Xavier somewhat, he never took a single wound in the whole war, also he dodges bullets, magic shots and spears, he deserved that title and name. He wasn't from a faction, but he joined Xavier's after almost getting hit.

Minion Mare - Minion Mare wasn't much of a changeling hero and she wasn't exactly in the war, but she helped Xavier on his final mission right before the war ended, a final mission he wanted to include before the war ended, however it is classified and only him and his allies, his fellow changeling heroes, how she joined was by getting bullied and almost killed, then Xavier saved her, she felt so alone, she follows him though, as her friend, maybe a lover and as a savior.


Now for the Factions!

Savage Faction - The Savage Faction was a rebellious force that formed up after the Wedding Invasion failed, they felt that the Queen was weak or that she lied about winning, they felt that they needed new leaders or that they make their own choice on what to do. The Savages would eat each other sometimes if they were starving, they would challenge each other, winner would choose to let the loser live, or eat them. Then Bone Breaker came in and took over, no one messed with him, until 1 unlucky changeling did, which didn't end well...

Changeling Rangers - Were and still are specialized in being scouts or snipers, they would spot out the enemies that approach the army and let them know if they have any artillery, tanks, or anything unusual. They were more of the spot the enemies for other allies type pretty much.

Shadow Stalkers - The stealth faction, the ones who usually go on the stealth, sabotage, or assassinate missions. They are also good at assassinations because they can change, since they are changelings and all.

That's all and sorry it's a lot. 
*After everything that happened, Xavier seemed... sad as always, but somewhat, relieved, after everything that happened, he visit his friend, Zecora, then his brother John, a changeling priest, he was on the beach, smiling and having fun for such a long time, he was always sad, but something was different, he was happy, smiling, having fun on the beach, after his "son" Jay left him for Flik, he understood 1 thing, not everyone will be your friend, for when you have lots of friends, you will make an enemies or 2, or more, Zek and his kind of were friends, but not as much, his obsession with Letivia, gone and others, doesn't know, but he wanted a break*

Xavier: *on the beach, smiling and building a sand castle, with his minions from the "Demonic World" * I guess the only reason I was always sad was... I never cared about myself, just others, always about them, why? I messed up my own life, killed, I guess all I needed, was a vacation, relax for once instead of worrying... *lays down and closes his eyes* My obsession with violence... gone. *chuckles, then laughs* Sometimes, I wonder why I'm sad...

*you then see him and his minions play*
Meh, sorry I rarely do anything "fun" or "special" journals guys...I really don't know what to do. :(
Just... just be honest okay guys? To some, I'm a friend, enemy, hater, asshole who is a "harasser" ... who am I to you all?
There has been some very messed up pranks lately... and when you add lots of assholes... it get's a LOT worse, there were very harsh pranks and I hate the holiday because there is NO use for it except being a dumbass and using April Fool's Day as an excuse, people made so many fucking "Deactivating" Journals I decided to just ignore them, seriously, the ONLY reason for the holiday is being a jerk and having a stupid excuse, also someone pulled off a very fucked up joke,  this random guy was proposing and the lady cried, but he said and take a wild guess... "APRIL FOOLS!" then the lady slapped him and walked away, he fucking deserved it! I hope for who ever "celebrates" this holiday dies, seriously, people take it far as this... and god who knows how far this will go, maybe someone will fake their death, then again. People may have done this already...

So yeah, I hope you are real proud of yourself... for the people who made stupid, hurtful jokes that is and for who ever was nice and didn't act like an ass, you are much better than those who do these things.

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